// if error is truthy, the initial connection failed. Password for authentication, equivalent to options.auth.password. Username for authentication, equivalent to options.auth.user. If not provided, use database name from connection string. Used for declaring paths in your schema that Mongoose should cast to numbers.

Download the Media Creation Tool from Microsoft’s official website. Open the downloaded file called MediaCreationTool.exe in order to open the installation file and initiate the process. Tap Accept to agree on terms set by Microsoft.

The driver store is a protected area of the computer that contains device driver packages that have been approved for installation on the computer. After the driver package has been removed from the driver store, it is no longer available to be installed on a device. This article shows the correct way to completely remove printer drivers in Windows in order to resolve printing problems. The good news is you can use a third-party tool to explore the Windows driver store and completely remove the old printer driver once for all. It’ll also save you lots of space that would otherwise have been occupied by junk files. Apart from uninstalling the Printer Software, it will also remove the printer driver.

Over time this can leave driver entries http://driversol.com/drivers/tapedrive on the system for devices that have long since been removed. Some applications also don’t remove software drivers when you uninstall the software. You can also use manual methods to find the driver files and the driver references stored in the Registry.

Error 7. Audio Driver Issue

He actively engages in research and problem-solving techniques to consistently generate great web content. Fixing various hardware problems on computer and storage devices along with a great knack for fixing Outlook errors, Tony is also the fun-time IT guy for all his work friends. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and enjoys cycling. When the scanning process ends, you can see the scan results.

Regularly updating your drivers is something you should do all the time. Outdated audio drivers can cause more trouble than you’d think. If an application installed on your device is interfering with your headphones or headphone jack, you might not be able to use it properly.

How Long Does It Take To Build a PC

CPUs don’t have drivers and don’t need them to run. Your system does need to install its chipset drivers — related to the motherboard — in order to integrate all the components together and use all of your system’s features. The ‘http/1.1 service unavailable’ error occurs when your computer is not connecting to the backend of the website. This error prevents you from accessing the website entirely.

This tool firstly saves your time by installing updates for multiple drivers at one shot. The Blue screen of death error appears after some critical system failure that Windows is unable to troubleshoot on its own. This has also been reported by users after installing some Windows updates patches or while upgrading the OS to Windows 10. Enable Driver Verifier to help you identify problematic drivers.

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