Training & Education

When it comes to training and education RAZE’s Talents have had it all from vocals to some of the highest quality dance training in New Zealand

RAZE and En Beat Dance Academy

When it comes to providing a high-quality education Rina & Zed cut no corners.

Combined, the two hold 40+ years of experience that they have brought back to New Zealand. Working with big names such as Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Neyo and Pit-Bull to name a few.

Rina & Zed know what it takes to be in the dance and talent industry and what to look for when recruiting talents. Not only that, but they know how to represent and back their talents in the best way possible.

Rina has not only gained experience in the Western industry but the Kpop scene as well by working with big names such as BoA, Monsta X and SF9.

Bringing all of these experiences back to En Beat Dance Academy and now RAZE Talent. Rina & Zed are here to redefine the talent world with phenomenal dancers, actors, models and more